Issue Contents
July 1999
Vol. 9 Issue 7
Distribution of Inheritance Javed Ahmad Ghamidi

Qur'anic Exegesis
Sūrah Quraysh Amin Ahsan Islahi
(Tr. by: Dr. Shehzad Saleem)
Economic Issues
Why Economics? Dr Khalid Zaheer
Islam in Cyberspace: Muslim Presence on the Internet Abder Rahmane Azzi
Appendix 1: Ribā and Rent Asif Iftikhar
Appendix 2: Ribā in Barter on Credit "       
Appendix 3: The Meaning of Ribā "       
What is Ribā? Asif Iftikhar
The Scope of Ribā "       
Ribā and Mark-up "       
Ribā and Non-Muslims "       
Ribā and Government Bonds "       
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