Issue Contents
August 2000
Vol. 10 Issue 8
Is God an Intellectual Reality Dr Khalid Zaheer

The Amazing Qur’ān Gary Miller
Social Issues
A Sister’s Dilemma: College or Family? Tanseem Jennifer Crooker
The Event of the Worship of the Golden Calf Moiz Amjad
Rhyme and Reason
My Yearnings Khawar Kazi
Why is Ribā Forbidden? Dr. Shehzad Saleem
The Issue of Copyright "       
Is Belief in Muhammad (sws) Necessary? "       
Is Hajj-i-Badal a form of Isāl-i-Thawāb? "       
Is Learning Qur’ānic Arabic Necessary? "       
Sex out of Wedlock "       
The Obligation of Da‘wah (Preaching) "       
Some Questions about the Prayer "       
Misusing the Qisās Law "       
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